Command-line referenceΒΆ

Most of your interaction with LXDock will be done using the lxdock command. This command provides many subcommands: up, halt, destroy, etc. These subcommands are described in the following pages but you can easily get help using the help subcommand. lxdock help will display help information for the lxdock command while lxdock help [subcommand] will show the help for a specifc subcommand. For example:

$ lxdock help up
usage: lxdock up [-h] [name [name ...]]

Create, start and provision all the containers of the project according to
your LXDock file. If container names are specified, only the related containers
are created, started and provisioned.

positional arguments:
  name        Container name.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit