lxdock destroy

Command: lxdock destroy [name [name ...]]

This command can be used to destroy containers. If the containers to be destroyed are still running they will first be stopped.

By default this command will try to destroy all the containers of the current project but you can limit this operation to some specific containers by specifying their names. Keep in mind that a confirmation will be prompted to the user when using the destroy command.


  • [name [name ...]] - zero, one or more container names
  • --force or -f - this option allows to destroy containers without confirmation


$ lxdock destroy               # destroys all the containers of the project
$ lxdock destroy mycontainer   # destroys the "mycontainer" container
$ lxdock destroy web ci        # destroys the "web" and "ci" containers
$ lxdock destroy --force web   # destroys the "web" container without confirmation