lxdock shell

Command: lxdock shell [name] [arguments]

This command can be used to open an interactive shell inside one of your containers. If -c is specified, execute the command line instead of opening the shell.

By default, that shell logins as root unless your LXDock config specifies another user in its shell option. In all cases, the --user command line overrides everything.


  • [name] - a container name
  • -u, --user <username> - user to login as
  • -c, --command <command_line> - command to be executed in the shell


$ lxdock shell mycontainer       # opens a shell into the "mycontainer" container
$ lxdock shell -u root           # opens a shell as root, regardless of our config
$ lxdock shell mycontainer -c echo HELLO      # executes "echo HELLO" in "mycontainer"
$ lxdock shell mycontainer -c echo '$PATH'    # executes "echo '$PATH'" in "mycontainer"

For the last example, you will see “$PATH” as-is. It is not evaluated as a variable.