lxdock init

Command: lxdock init

This command can be used to generate a LXDock file containing highlights regarding some useful options.


  • --image - this option allows to use a specific container image in the generated configuration
  • --project - this option allows to define the name of the project that will appear in the LXDock file
  • --force or -f - this option allows to overwrite an exsting LXDock file if any


$ lxdock init                          # generates a basic LXDock file
$ lxdock init --image debian/jessie    # generates a LXDock file defining a debian/jessie container
$ lxdock init --project myproject      # generates a basic LXDock file defining a "myproject" project
$ lxdock init --force                  # overwrite an existing LXDock file if applicable